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Hello Friends,


In response to the current state of affairs and the needed for added safety and Microbial security, i have become certified in safety practices concerning COVID and working around it.

My first blog post will be all about COVID and how little precautions and practices can get us all back to our normal life ASAP.

I have been practicing extensive safety precautions, concerning my clients and their properties, since i opened my doors 4 years ago. I have always been involved with food safety and sanitation for my entire professional career (22 years) and taking extra precautions is always a serious thing to me.

I don't take this Virus lightly but I am very confident we all will be back out of quarantine sooner rather than later. Until then Please rest assured you can contact me for your needs and know that I self monitor myself and family for symptoms, I wear extra protective gear while on your property and will still provide a superior product.


Thank you for your time today, I wish for you all to remain safe until this has passed.


Michael Smith